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​​What to Expect from a Session?
Physical touch is not required, in fact Vortex Healing® energy can be remotely or sent at any distance. This energy can not be inappropriately misused.  This is because the Divine will never force energy against the free will of the recipient.   The energy just is redirected to what is acceptable to the recipient.   Therefore, you can have Vortex energy to someone without their knowledge.

Manifesting Intentions is very powerful, some sensitive individuals feel quite relaxed, even sleepy or tingly in places within their bodies. Although, some don't sense energy moving at all. Since, Vortex energy moving can  affect your "attention and relax your body". It is requested that if taking a healing remotely, that you do not drive an automobile or do anything dangerous (such as work with heavy equipment, climb a ladder or run a jigsaw). It is best done in a meditative, state relaxing in a chair.  However, you can also read a book or .

    First time session may take longer due to blocked energy and knots of karmic energy, additional time may
    be needed to heal (open) those blocks.  Every “healing” session will include an additional check-in time discussion to determine how best she can help you.   You may lie down or in a relaxed sitting position; there may be occasional light touch to the head or heart if you approve. 

VortexHealing® is a complimentary healing service; it does not replace medical treatment.  
    It gets into the “roots of consciousness"  help you make positive shifts.

    To transform deep issues, especially if it is a physical issue, most frequently there is more than one
    emotional issue involved; causing additional entanglements with other issues.  It may take more than one
    session to release, then to optimally transform and release a painful issue, this can be discussed when we
    meet.    Even one healing session will drastically move your energetic field.



Rev. Patricia Hull-Anglin

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Contact Phone; 408-212-4903 (Leave Message- I do not answer when in a healing session)

I channel the Love Energy from the Divine with VortexHealing® to connect to your   

    Guides, Angels, and the Divine Presence of the Masters-Holy Spirit
 To gift, heal conditions, and help you in your healing & Spiritual Growth. To release anger and pain held in the body consciousness.   


Pricing:  To Be of Heart and of Service

Sliding scale prices are available for-

Retired, Senior Citizens or those living in hardship economic conditions

Single parents without financial assistance or support.

Also, special pricing is offered for package deals.

Standard pricing:

30 minutes - $60

60 minutes- $100

75 minutes- $125

90 minutes- $150

120 minutes (2 hours)- A full session- $200.00

240 minutes (3 hours)- Double-Double Session is $300.00

Remote Sessions- Are standard pricing & can be arranged by PayPal

Sessions that require travel to your location may require an additional expense,

Paypal, personal checks or cash is appreciated and accepted.

Divine Doors or Puja Blessings- $50.00

Divine Funnel for your home or land- $100.00


Package Deals-

Three full sessions of 120 minutes each - $550.00

Six full sessions of 120 minutes each-$1,000.00


Here are some Healing Options:

    1.      Follow the Divine- Rev. Patricia listens to her inner guide, sensing what type of channeling the highest

    2.      Specialized-Health Related–Vortex Healing is complimentary healing tool, it does not replace medical

    3.      Clearing Energetic  Pathways & Upper Dimensional Control Pathways-You may have blockages.

    4.      Clearing Issues – (Fear, Avoidance,  Loss, Guilt, ect.)

    5.      Your Karmic Stuff, - Clear knotted energy that keeps you repeating patterns.

    6.      Transforming  Genetic-Ancestral  Consciousness & Issues

    7.      Brain Issues or Enhancing Your Brain Pathways, Awaking the Brain, Balancing the Brain

    8.      Removing Parental Influence & Identity – This can include “Foreign Bits of Consciousness” or Beliefs
    that is not yours and were programed by your parental influences as a child.

    9.      Organs or Body Systems -Clearing,Transforming, & Awakening  

    10.   Chakras- Clearing Transforming  & Awakening

    11.  Emotional or Mental body- Clearing,Transforming &  Awakening

    12.  Strengthening a Weak Energy System-Whatever is needed.

    13.  General Clean-up of something botheringyouin a negative way.

    14.  Clearing Manifestation Blockages-Normally there is self-sabotaging and karmic issues involved.

    15.  Channeling Christ or Divine Mother Energy

    Other Service Offerings:

    16.  Creating Temple Divine Doors or Funnels- Temple Divine Doors are Energetic Bridges to Access Divine
    Consciousness to bring qualities.  A Funnel Divine Door- Is a powerful energetic Divine Bridge to help with
    the evolution of the earth.   Here is a list of types of  Temple Divine Doors:

  •         Best Place for Temple Divine Door is You! (What a gift!)
  •         In Special Item for Mediation, Spiritual Tool or Teaching Object
  •         Nature or Fairy Divine Door
  •         Special Place you wish to have access to Divine Consciousness-  your home, alter, garden, creative work space.
  •         Angelic Divine Door

    17.  Pujas –Blessings Anything you need Divine Blessings- New Relationship,Job Search,  Travel, Special Project.

    18.  Pets- Need healing too!  Healing services to clear energetic pathways, renewal of vital web
    connections to the Divine.  My kitty had kidney and pancreatic failure;he was close to death three times
    last year. Combined with Vortex Healing, and fluid therapy, he is happily still alive.

    19.  Selling –Buying  Real Estate-  Bringing in positive energy with a “Puja Blessing”, Astral Clearing, and
    Restructure of Energetic Lines to help attract buyers.  Rev.Patricia, held a real estate license for over 25 years.

    20.  Clearing Astral Imprints -

    21.  Moving Energy in your Life- Work, Business, Home, Relationships (This may have Emotional Issue core.)

    22. Divine Intuitive Channel

  •     ·        Direct Divine Impressions
  •     ·       Sensing through the Quantum Gate of All
  •     ·       Toss the Rocks
  •     ·       Akashic Records
  •     ·       Oracle Cards