Paypal for 30 minute session- $60

Paypal for 90 minute session- $150

Paypal for a DOUBLE-DOUBLE- 3 hour Session- $300

Paypal for 75 minute session- $125

Getting Into your ISSUES Introductory Special -$375.00

3 Healing sessions Includes:

90 minute- Introductory session #1 Strengthening your energy system, clearing the core of you Lifefield & getting energy flowing to your cells, transforming all your intelligence fields,  bringing up your meridian constitutional and Jin Shin constitutional energies.

90 minute-Introductory session  #2 which includes Reality Shift (or Rift if done remotely) of outer layers Karmic Body.

120 minute- Working on Your Issue Session:  Releasing and clearing an issue.

Paypal for 60 minute session- $100

Paypal for 120 minute (full) session-$200