Yes- This picture is inside the Stonehenge public boundaries.  In Sacred Early Morning Sunrise ceremony  (with special permission). Our Spirit minded group created sacred space within Stonehenge with "Loving Universal Prayers" to flow outward in all directions from Stonehenge.  I stood  place for the "West" energy facing America. Touching the huge stones was an incredible experience as vibrational currents swept through me as as touched both sides of a westward facing tri-column, I was forever changed.

Rev. Patricia Hull-Anglin

 Divine Intuitive & Vortex Energy Wizard®

To make appointment- please call (408) 212-4903 or reach me by clicking on "Contact" on the right side

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Location:   San Francisco Bay Area of California,  (Peninsula), Western USA- Sunnyvale, CA

Ordination:  Universal Church of the Master (IMulti-faith Religion) Fully ordained Minister with the State of California. I am available for Group Vortex Healing presentations, marriage or partnership ceremonies, baptism blessings, and life memorials.  

There are mystical unseen threads that bind the universe and connect all things.  These threads are multi-dimensional that interconnect with God (Infinite Divine-CreatorSpirit), to you and to all other beloved ones.

Vortex Healing® philosophy is that all life is One (One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity), expressing itself as this amazing experience of creation.  

Rev. Patricia channels energy from her Heart (Vortex Wheel), connecting through the dimensional barriers to the purest source of love, often using Vortex Healing as her method.  She helps heal fractured land energies to bring healing and balance.  She can facilitate the creation of a upper dimensional Divine Doors or Funnels, which are "mini-vortices"  allowing for a Divine portals  (Divine Presence) to  become available at your home, work or alter,including bringing in Angelic Presence.

Rev. Patricia Hull-Anglin works to transform and heal your energy, working on all levels and dimensions from the inter-dimensional heart to connect with Divinity. She will assist your healing the scars of the past and to reshape the future by working in the now. 

The problem with karma is the close interaction to your emotional commitment in creation of this karma.
Negative karma is frequently associated with the consequences of your struggle to survive, and our reactions in lieu of control of our fears involving loss and pain. These negative emotions feed into our emotional body, rooting out with variations in coordination with other karmic interplay.  
As entanglements are influenced by our "many.... karmic  and major issues" as we are reincarnating -limitless children of God/Goddess/Infinite Spirit learning lessons to promote our soul growth.  We have entanglements with not just one issue, but other major issues causing karmic roots to branch and intertwine occurring during multiple lifetimes.

Also, I’m an Divine Intuitive Channel for over 25 years, teaching at Women’s Rituals Circles, and a Writer.  As a child, I saw and interacted with ghosts and spirits.  As a teenager, I was involved in the Pentecostal religion. I was astounded by the Holy Spirit presence, finding this same presence and energy in many peoples with various religious beliefs.  It is a privilege to channel Vortex Healing of Christ and Mother Mary energy along with the Holy Spirit to transmute, sooth and comfort.

Vortex Healing® Training (, can strip away layers of separation consciousness from God, Creator, & Infinite Spirit.  I encourage you to enroll in Vortex Healing® courses, acclaim your own Divine Connections and Steps towards awakening your Spirit.  I’m at a U-AP (Original Veil) level, which I can help release knots of karmic energy and re-shape your blueprints of conscious.

I can be reached  at (408)212-4903 or
email (,

Training in Vortex Healing®: Certified Healer at Manifesting Intentions with Awakening to Divinity,  Quantum Gate,

Angelic Heart III, Earthworks III, Divine Doors, Timelines, & Kundalini Clearing.

Vortex Healing®-Discover the Magic Yourself!
®"VortexHealing" is a registered service mark of Ric A. Weinman. Used here with permission.

This is ancient healing art, that was used thousands of years ago and was lost until it's
"re"-founder, Ric Weiman reintroduced Vortex Healing in 1994.  It's the Merlin's lineage, of  Divine Magical Intention. The original Merlin of King Arthur' s Court, was the 5th lineage holder to bring Divine Magical Intention.  You can read the story of Vortex Healing by going to

Vortex Healing is Divine Light Energy works on the core roots of consciousness.   It penetrates into your karmic body, through the multidimensions of consciousness (mental, emotional, etheric) holding issues and barriers. Connecting into the deepest level of the magical creative source of the Divine.

Vortex energy goes into the deepest levels of consciousness to release emotional patterns and upper dimensional blueprints holding your incarnational issues to heal and to awaken you to who you truly are.

 A Vortex Healer® uses their "Vortex wheel" located in the same area as the heart chakra to connect and bring through Divine healing energies.  Vortex Healing also, helps with an awakening out of separation from the Divine (a separation  the direct linage of the Creator, Infinite God.)  The more advanced a Vortex Healer becomes, the Vortex energetics increase your "awareness" of the all, that God is.  The energies that come through can not be seen by the normal visible eye because it working on "consciousness of creation". Some  individuals are sensitive enough to feel or see waves of energy flowing, however most people do not.  Yet, after just one complete session most feel "lighter", this is because Vortex Energy cleans up some of the stuck negative energy with them. Vortex Healing® works through the quantum physics into the multi-dimensional areas that hold your creation of what you believe "is" and changes it
to the highest good and highest possibility.  It works by "Divine Intention" in conjunction with the divine source.  The Divine source will always have the purest and highest good intention of everything.

Disclaimer: VortexHealing® is a complimentary energetic healing tool. It is not a replacement for medical treatment.  Please consult your physician for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.