​​​​​Group Vortex Healing Event for your 
​​New Beginnings
Jan.7th, 7-8:30 PM PST Sunday
Open up your heart and mind for a new cycle of life.
Will do a Month by Month consciousness rele
ase of 2017 New Years Puja Blessings for 2018

Come to my home-461 Bryan Ave., Sunnyvale, CA or join in remotely
Cost:  $30- please reserve your space (limited space)

Paypal- phullanglin@aol.com or www.vortexheal.com

December Holiday Gift Special B-$75 60 minute session 
Angelic Heart Healing or VortexHealing 

December Holiday Gift Special D-$333- three 120 minute sessions 

​-ISSUE WORK-to reach into the multi-dimensional body. 
Fear, Stress, Loss, Grief, Anger, Resentment, Terror, Trauma



Magical Heart Pathways-Vortex Healing

December Holiday Gift Specials

Vortex Healing Energy works from a Heart Connection to the Divine Nature of God. It cannot and will not ever be against free will of a soul. All healing energy is directed in Divine purposefulness. It can be given without the consciousness knowledge of those individuals caught in fea​r, anger, & pain. This is like prayer. God will answer appropriately for the individual.

Gift Certificates Available 

A- $40 for 2 persons- Can be in person or remotely

2018 New Beginnings

Vortex Healing Group Event 

Jan.7th, 7-8:30 PM PST Sunday
Open up your heart and mind for a new cycle of life.
Will do a Month by Month consciousness release of 2017 

New Years Puja Blessings for 2018

-Other-Vortex Healing Related Event Dates:

Free Berkeley Clinic Healing Event :

December 17, 2017  1840 Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley- 1pm-4pm

(free 20 healing minutes sessions- 1st come-1st serve) 3-4pm is group healing event (Free= Donations Accepted- need to cover costs)

San Francisco Vortex Group Healing Practice-Next meetup is December 10, 2-5 pm
. Reservation Acknowledgement required to accommodate for space. Only open to anyone whose taken beginners- BASIC FOUNDATIONAL course (Free= Donations Accepted) 

Address: 201 Wawona St., San Francisco
Upcoming Vortex Healing Classes in Berkeley 

Basic Foundational Class-Aug. 4-8, 2018

Magical Structures Class- March 20-25, 2018 (perquisite: Basic Foundational)

Clearing the Kundalini Channel Class Aug. 10-13, 2018(perquisite: Basic Foundational)

Breaking Timelines Class-Aug. 15-18, 2018 (perquisite: Basic Foundational, Magical Structures, Karmic Intensive or Earthshift, & Multifrequency )

Please contact Gailynn: (+1)480-203-9624 gailynncarroll@gmail.comGailynn:

(1+)480-203-9624 gailynncarroll@gmail.com 

Register at:  http://www.gailynncarroll.com/

Vortex Healing Group Events are powerful, and offered at a low cost. However, for in-depth core issues we recommend personalized one on one healings. 

I do offer 

VortexHealing sessions.

Please contact Patricia Hull-Anglin at (408)212-4903  by email at: phullanglin@aol.com to make an appointment.
Note: There is no call in number for Group Healing Events

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December Holiday Gift Special C-$100- 90 minute session 

Transforming Intelligence Fields & Strengthening Energizing 
or Infection-Cold-Flu Immune Energizing